Your Brand?

You are interested to become our partner and let us represent your brand in Europe or in the CIS region ? Due to our focus we agree in principle only in brands and products of which we are fully convinced by our self.  We deny any public tooling products and generally agree only in brands and partners that have a clear vision behind a brand. As for us its a huge financial investment we put inside of new brands we must be 100% excited in our partner’s products or service; therefore, we reject about 95% off all requests.  Due to our focus and our connected network of partners we reach a very fast success in a short time. We work internationally and our market is Europe.  We are not a distributor as we carry only a maximum of 4 brands and this we do exclusive only. Here we invest our own financial money in order to build a brand.  Exclusivity for us means that our brand-partner every time has the right to stop exclusivity if we cant reach a market penetration after 60 days. We manage and develops with our partners’ scratch from the paper “ideas to complex business development models in order to bring brands and products in specific markets. Our references prove us right, that this form of key concentration for both partners mean long-term success. Our mission is to develop and not just sell a product.  By using our Finance partners we have the ability to offer reasonable payment terms for up to 120 days. This gives our brand partners the opportunity to penetrate even larger chain stores in Europe with flexible payment options.

Please check the following facts before contacting us for any brand representation

What you or your brand need to have
  • You have an own design team and/or a private tooling of your products?
  • Your products in your opinion differentiate from them of your competitors?
  • You intend to build your brand and understand that this is combined with Marketing activities?
  • You can deliver reasonable quantities and provide all necessary certificates with are a must in europe such as ROHS, FCC, REACH etc
  • Your are ready to share the risks and costs of a necessary marketing investment by 50/50 with us ?


What we offer
  • Key concentration on your brand only . Key concentration means for us that we don’t represent any competing brand in our portfolio.
  • Very fair contracts.  We aim exclusivity only when we are successful. In any of our representation contracts our partner has the right due to a non-success-clause to end any exclusivity in specific markets
  • Payment terms for all customers due to our strong financial background
  • Full financial investment from our side
  • Management of all Marketing and sales activities

We aim real partnership and In our way of thinking, okay is not okay, and good is not good enough. Join us as we go way beyond the extra mile for you, to a place where there is little other traffic. A place where we have time and space to ponder the solutions you need. You won’t face any cookie cutters or clichés here. Only original, customized thinking you can revel in. While we transform your sales, your cooperate strategy, you marketing any many more, you will maximize your returns. We help you think and act like a world-class team.

We combine understanding of organizational processes with rigorous analysis to unlock a company’s full potential.We serve top clients on challenging assignments in the global market.We combine European roots with pragmatism and entrepreneurial spirit.

Instead of giving advises what to do, we lend a hand, and are part or your team.

We add Value! With an internationally composed Advisory Board consisting of European and international top distributors and business executives, we provide immediate and exclusive access. We bring intelligent solutions to the table, we implement state-of-the-art strategic tools, and we are people who really make a difference in your business

Our results turn visions into reality. This is how we create real value for our clients. We don’t believe in any border limits for growth. We connect them with our Motto: Connecting countries by investing into ideas and technology.

If you are interested and want to have more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.