Bayan Audio

At Bayan people are passionate about simplicity, quality and value.
Founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom, the aim is to create outstanding products to help you enjoy sound wherever you are. In today’s world time is precious and choices are endless, so we design products which can be used quickly and easily with your technology to let you enjoy your sound straightaway. Our products work with Audio System Smartphones, Tablets or Notebooks, so wherever you store your sound, we will have a product for you. Award Winning High Quality Audio – Bayan Audio

What we do
  • Global Marketing and Finance Invest
  • Service & Support
  • Global Warehousing
  • Global Brand development

With Bayan Audio we went into Partnership in 10/2013 and we provide here Finance and debt collecting as well as global Warehousing, Marketing, Finance Investment, Global Distribution setup and execute all necessary steps to make the brand successful. All Bayan Audio design, research and product development is done by a focused group of innovative hardware and software designers and engineers, based in the UK. A family of audio products, beautifully designed with the utmost care and attention paid to the acoustic qualities. It’s important to us that our products look and sound the best they can.