Company History

Capteq GmbH – Capital Technology-  We invest into new brands. Capteq is the result of a joint venture between the management and outsourcing company Hidis GmbH and many of its partners which was founded in 2003 already . We bring innovative strategies to the market that work by using our own finance-capital to develop brands across Europe.  Relationships with distributors, PR & Marketing companies, Banks, publishers and the who is who of the international Retail Market have been Integral to our success. We work internationally with the KeyFocus of Europe and CIS market.  We work in the back by giving brands the chance to grow at the front end by using our finance investment solutions and our strong network of international partners.  We are focussed by taking over a maximum of 4 brands into our portfolio helping then to develop successfully in Europe.  We work only on a exclusive base by representing brands and companies. Thereby we keep the focus for us and our employees to add per product line a maximum of 1 brand.  This key focus requires a key selection of only a handful of partners. As the company moves forward, our founding motto remains apt: No Sales without PR & Marketing, no Marketing & PR without sales.  Please find here some historic moments from our company:



Foundation of Hidis GmbH

Foundation of Hidis GmbH with Focus on Sales Outsourcing & Brand development as representative company and since 2010 Management consulting.


The beginning of the road

It all started with the company foundation of the Divoom Europe GmbH headquartered in Duisburg Germany with the target to bring innovative Bluetooth speakers and Wireless Audio gadgets to the market by using own financial investment. Our CEO Sascha Arndt had been working for many years as CEO in various management positions in the consulting sector by launching innovative brand strategies and outsourcing solutions that worked. Now it was time to generate something new by being much more involved into the design and product development process in order to have a maximum flexibility regarding market trends. Focus from the beginning was to built up a strong network of distribution and retail partners all over Europe which were equipped with the the necessary marketing and PR support


Got our first awards

Since we launched our first product in June 2012 we've had brilliant reviews from the European press mentioning the quality of the Divoom Audio speakers and a great value for money


Focus on the advertisment and telco industry

Thanks to our close cooperation with one of the fastest printing companies in Germany we are proud to offer as one of the first Bluetooth speaker brands our private tooling products from our brand Divoom To be printed with the Logo of our customers. Therefore the speaker will be refined it with the personal Logo of our client. Minimum quantity, minimum order value and minimum order charges are foreign words for us. Ordering and delivery from only 25 pieces in a few days! By working with one of the fastest printing companies in Germany our customers get the goods in record time


Nucharge - World's first iPhone 5/s Interchangeable Battery & Case Cover licensed by Apple

Exclusive European brand investment in "NuCharge" The NuCharge is a rechargeable external battery case with interchangeable Snap-On-covers in a single device and one of the first battery cases certified by Apple. The special Highlight of the NuCharge is that it does not increase the scope of your iPhone unnecessarily.The cover and the battery case can be easily exchanged with a snap-on mechanism within two seconds, this allows you to use the battery case only, if you really need it. Exclusive in Europe by Capteq with MADE for iPHONE Licence


Relocation of the Office from Duisburg to Neukirchen-Vluyn

The move will accommodate recent staff growth and enable the company to continue to maintain superior customer service to the European area. The move will allow our company to better facilitate our employees by doubling the square footage of our office and upgrading our in-house technology and warehouse facility. The location of Neukirchen-Vluyn is close located to Duisburg with its worldwide biggest domestic port and is only 20 km away from the Airport Düsseldorf and therefore is in a strategic very good position. Next to it the Capteq benefits to its close location to the Netherlands with its port in Rotterdam. This allows the Capteq GmbH to use a maximum speed of transport from our connected factories in Asia.


Bayan Audio - Stunning to hear, elegant on the eyes and designed in the UK

Exclusive European and CIS (non German) brand development, representation & Investment for Bayan Audio. At Bayan people are passionate about simplicity, quality and value. Founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom, the aim is to create outstanding products to help people enjoy sound wherever they are.


Capteq and Factoring Plus AG sign agreement

Due to the massive growth of Capteq in the international market, the Factoring Plus AG (, a national commercial finance company, announced it has entered into a factoring agreement with Capteq GmbH.The Factoring Plus AG will be providing collections and credit guarantee services for Capteq GmbH and its brands. The Factoring Plus AG was chosen as the factor due to its ability to accommodate the client’s growing customer base and also provide flexibility for continued growth. The Factoring Plus AG was also able to work the service agreement seamlessly into the company’s current financing strategy as well as provide additional customer lines of credit to support future growth. “Factoring Plus was able to give us the quick turnaround we were looking for in a factoring company, as well as work with our current lending partnerships,” stated Sascha Arndt, CEO of Capteq GmbH. “Having a factor that can streamline our collections will allow us to concentrate on other areas of our business including our growth strategy.”