Capteq – Our Mission Statement

  • We think and act internationally. Our globally networked knowledge and global presence are a major prerequisite. Our team is a global network. Tolerance, respect, solidarity and equality we live. Our community integrates people from different backgrounds, regardless of religious beliefs and cultural roots.
  • We encourage and support our employees. We create an environment where every employee contributes and be a part of the success. We are aware that the greatest asset of our company is the competence of our employees. We involve our employees in the company’s success and in decisions.
  • We face the challenges of market and customers. The interplay of technological precision, volume production and outstanding service, we leave nothing to be desired. For us, the sale does not end with the shipment of goods to the customer.
  • What we promise we keep! Professionalism, reliability and honesty are hallmarks of our corporate culture.
  • Our joint achievement is the foundation of our success. We think and act entrepreneurially. Yield strength, consistent cost and risk management, and efficient working processes are our future long term. Business success we define as the responsibility of all employees. We strive for quality at all levels, in large duties and small details. In order to permanently work hard and improve the quality of our work, we are developing continuously. The quality of all products and services we feel jointly responsible. Quality on a high level challenges us and is a result of which we are proud.
  • We are working with clearly defined goals and a great responsibility. Team spirit and transparency characterize the work of all levels of management and areas where everyone is committed and motivated his contribution. We involve all parties in real time in the workflow. We say what we mean and do what we say. The cooperation and continuous learning are mutually influenced by reliability, trust, humanity and mutual respect. Conflicts we carry out, even while we are respectful, fair and courteous to each other. We all work with joy, heart and passion to our work.
  • We are consistent with our results and solutions yesterday, today and tomorrow. We confidently defy the adversities, to fight together against setbacks and be fair to errors and recognize them as part of the learning process.
  •  “Do not get underneath it” is our driving force, “continues to rise” is our principle, “Anyway” is our Moto.
  • Our customers are our partners, we see ourselves as a part of our partners team and try to score a shared growth. We always treat our partners with the necessary respect and maximum support.