Frequently Asked Questions

Select one of the above questions to find out it’s answer how you can to work with us.  Please dont hesitate to get in contact with us for more details.


We are always looking for new opportunities with innovative products and brands. Please get in contact with us via email under: and describe to us what is really special on your brand and why we should to work together. Please note: We only work for private tooling products (non public tooling)

0 Euro ! We are using our own Finance instruments and invest our own finance capital to promote your band. This is why we carefully need to check the market opportunities first as we invest inside of your brand. We are not working as a Outsourcing company. For any Outsourcing Solution please contact our second company Hidis GmbH (

We are very strong in Europe and inside CIS Countries. Our Logistic network allows us to ship almost to any European destination within 48 hours. Therefore we benefit from our very good conditions with our partner Logistic companies

We have a very strong network of Apple APR´s, distributors and Retail partners around Europe. Our partners have a relationship with us since many years and know that if we represent a new brand that we come up with a whole Business plan, not only with a product.

We work only exclusive in selected markets. Exclusivity means for us that we get a specific time to reach real sales inside of a country (mostly 2 months) by using all necessary activities to establish the brand in that specific time ( Marketing, Sales, PR). If we cannot reach the targets mentioned inside the contract our brand partner has the right to cancel exclusivity with immediate effect. This is what we call: Fair Business !

1 . First we check the possibility of your brand by providing a market analyse in terms of pricing and competitors. 2. We set-up a whole business plan by adding your expectations and ours.3. Action Plan: We discuss and add necessary changes in terms of European/CIS market standards and Marketing related issues (Website, Manuals, certifications, packing, set-up of the PR campaign in specific countries etc) 4. Execution: Our Sales Team will be starting together and supported by our PR agency network to promote your brand in Europe or the markets we have discussed. 5. Monitor the targets as discussed in business plan on a monthly base.

Basically we are Brand representatives. This means we are part of your team with email address etc. Due to our finance capital the invoice to customers will be written by Capteq GmbH as we provide debt collection and our customers are credit insured by our credit insurance partner. Therefore we are very flexible by offering payment terms for up to 120 days.

Please note: We are not a distributor. We represent a brand ! And we are focussed. Instead of having numbers of different brands in our portfolio, we fully focus on 1 Brand per product line. This key Focus lets us carefully select the partners we work with. Our Partners Benefit from a whole team fully focused on their products and exclusive access in Europe and CIS. Cause we feel not as a customer, we feel ourself as partners with all brands we represent. This key concentration is a very big difference to a distributor. Next to it we execute all necessary steps to promote a brand in terms of Marketing, Sales and PR. We are looking not for a short term success and margins at the beginning, we are looking forward to built a market penetration

Our Brand partners Benefit from our very good conditions with our Logistic Partners as we have weekly airfreight from Asia. Next to it we bundle the PR and Marketing activities in all countries and due to our long term relationships with the associated partners we provide best conditions and exclusive access


If you are interested to become part of our team please take a look into our Jobs-section on our website.

We are always looking for talented people !

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